Write in the programming language of the web.

Hardware Agnostic

Be compatible with any hardware.


Open-source web engine built from first principles for 3D content.

Exokit Manifesto

the native XR web engine

Exokit takes your XR web app (WebXR) made with any 3D web framework (A-Frame, Three.js, Unity, WebGL, +more) and gives you a native package for:

  • Desktop VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift)
  • Standalone VR (Oculus Go, Oculus Quest)
  • Mobile VR (Daydream, Cardboard)
  • Mobile AR (ARKit, ARCore)
  • Standalone AR (Magic Leap, Hololens)
  • Unity
  • +more

None of the current platforms have mixed reality as their primary focus, so devs are sidelined in features and support. Additionally, the platforms are competing against each other, so they rarely play nice and collaborate. This leads to many walled gardens.

Exokit levels this by compiling existing standard web apps to native apps on the platform of choice. It’s agnostic to tooling, engines, and hardware, so you keep your workflow, and your code.

Saves Precious Time

Don’t waste your time trying to connect the dots. Exokit enables you to write once in JavaScript, and deploy to any XR device.

No Legacy

Legacy browser design choices don’t make sense in XR.


With less overhead, and the power of JavaScript, we achieve 2-3 times faster speeds compared to legacy browsers.

Reality Tabs

Apps run in “reality tabs”, layers of reality that blend together.


Our documentation has guides to help you get started using Exokit as well as information about our SDK bundle and APIs.


Exokit is a Javascript Node.js module.

C++ bindings hook into WebGL, WebXR, Magic Leap, Leap Motion, and various other device APIs.

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