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SDK Bundle

The SDK bundle includes Exokit engine, which lets you run apps (regular web sites) in Exokit.

Exokit is a fast browser engine, without the browser (though you can use it to build a browser!)

SDK components

There are two main parts to the Exokit SDK: - Web APIs - Native integrations

Web APIs

SDK diagram 1

Exokit engine runs regular HTML sites.

If the site uses WebXR, WebGL, WebAudio, and other multimedia web specifications, it should work on Exokit (if it doesn't, please file a bug!)

This means existing web documentation applies to Exokit as well.

Read more at: Web APIs

Native integrations

SDK diagram 2

Exokit includes additional support for interfacing with hardware like Magic Leap and Leap Motion.

These are generally exposed on the browser object.

For example, for Electron texture streaming:

const electron = await browser.electron.createElectron();
const browserWindow = await electron.createBrowserWindow();
browserWindow.on('paint', message => {
  // ...

Read more at: Native APIs