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The earliest records of “reality tabs” are from an issue from March and a tweet from April 2018:

Reality Tabs tweet April 2018 Reality Tabs mentioned in March 2018 github issue

In many ways, Reality Tabs is the natural progression from current web browser tabs:

Too many browser tabs

What are Reality Tabs

Reality Tabs ARE:
* seperate user windows
* web pages running in parallel
* occupying the same 3d space
* highly performant and optimized to run in parallel

Reality Tabs ARE NOT:
* intrinsically interactive

Reality Tab Use Cases

Reality Tabs open a world of possibilites for creative use cases.

You can use Reality Tabs for:
* multiple 3d XR sites running in parallel
* seperate XR sites communicating with eachother
* multiple XR sites running in the same 3d space
* XR bots that are constantly running
* much more, be creative!

Technical Explanation

Reality Tabs are seperate user windows. Each Reality Tab renders at the same time in their own context before being composited into the display/headset/what have you. Previously this was done synchornously, one window at a time, switching GL contexts to the correct one.