Magic Leap One:

Vive for AR

A video review

How I wrote this review - As an interested mixed reality technologist, I’ve been watching Magic Leap for a while.

I mean that in a few ways.

The first is that I went into my first Magic Leap dive after a couple hundred hours hacking the SDK (Javascript bindings). I smelled the code before I walked into it.

The second is that I don’t have eggs in any basket. I’m cheering for everyone in the space. I’m watching the race, but I don’t have a ticket on Rony’s Pony.

Finally, being an engineer, I don’t believe in magic. I believe in smart people working hard and making things at the intersection of technology and market. I feel read enough that I know what’s reasonable in T time and D dollars....

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Introducing Exokit

A Javascript Web Engine For The Post Screen Era.

Aug 30th, 2018

N64 VR With Javascript

TLDR: I made an N64 emulator work in VR with Javascript and WebXR. Emukit is open source.

July 27nd, 2018

DOM To Canvas In Just 7 Years

You know what’s harder than creating an alternate reality with Javascript? Drawing a div.

Aug 7th, 2018